Awakening Through Conscious Breathing
The way we breathe profoundly influences the quality of our lives.  Of course we must breathe to survive, but we do not usually bring much awareness to our breathing.  Yet breathing consciously puts us directly in touch with our Divine Essence, supporting us in making the transition from surviving to thriving in all areas of our life.

Much of the power of conscious breathing comes from the fact that it brings us into presence, where everything we most need resides outside of our mental framework.  Conscious breathing increases the energy that is available for your healing on every level by raising your vibration in an embodied way.  Raising your vibration has the following benefits, to name just a few:

   -Increased love and compassion for both yourself and others
   -Healing of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances
   -Re-setting your point of attraction so you can create your best life
   -Fast, fun, and easy personal growth

The Sanskrit word for breath is ‘prana,’ meaning ‘life-force,’ the vital energy that flows through our being. Active conscious breathing engages specific breathing techniques to open the respiratory system, raise the frequency in the body, and integrate repressed emotions.

Sages throughout time have spoken of conscious breathing as a powerful tool for awakening, healing, and general well-being.  People the world over have been practicing it for millennia, yet it remains vastly under-valued in Western culture.  To our rational Western minds, it’s hard to believe that just bringing awareness to something we do unconsciously all our lives can have the power to transform us, but this is indeed the case.  

You see, the breath is our link to Spirit, presence and the vital energy, or prana, that makes all life possible.  This was understood in many ancient cultures, to the point that it is reflected in the Latin roots of the English word “inspiration”:

inspiration (n.) c. 1300, "immediate influence of God or a god," especially that under which the holy books were written, from Old French inspiracion "inhaling, breathing in; inspiration" (13c.), from Late Latin inspirationem (nominative inspiratio), noun of action from past participle stem of Latin inspirare "blow into, breathe upon" …

Breathing consciously has the following benefits:

  • Increased oxygenation of cells and tissues – deep detoxification
  • Increased feelings of aliveness and vitality
  • Reduction or elimination of muscle tension and pain
  • Improvement of physical symptoms of stress and diseases

  • Increased clarity of thinking and reduced mental stress
  • A deeper experience of calmness
  • Increased ability to communicate from a more confident and internal knowing
  • Improvement of concentration and focus
  • Increased relaxation due to the ability to manifest greater abundance and ease

  • Greater ability to forgive oneself and experience self-love
  • Discovery and release of old imprints, beliefs and patterns which affect our daily lives
  • Increased ability to clarify specific issues blocking one’s sense of peace
  • Deeper experience of connection in loving relationships
  • A feeling of freedom of expression in joy & creativity
  • Diminished attachment and reactivity to everyday stresses of life
  • An allowance of more ease and pleasure into our relationships and our lives

  • Accelerated spiritual growth and awakening to one’s true self
  • Increased ability to respond with love and forgiveness
  • More connection to one’s purpose and life passion
  • A deeper experience of inner peace

As a certified Clarity Breathwork™ practitioner, I have been trained to facilitate others in using gentle circular breathing practices to heal blocks and return to the peace, joy, and clarity of Essence.  I also weave intuitive reading, spiritual life coaching and angel card readings into sessions with clients as I am guided to.  My years of self-growth and healing work, and especially my profound relationship with the Divine Feminine, have taught me how to hold the vibration of compassion at a level that allows blocks to simply melt away.  With enough compassion, forgiveness, awareness, and presence, it becomes possible to heal even the deepest wounds.  These Divine qualities are inherent in you, and conscious breathing is a highly effective way to increase their presence in your life.

“Breath is always now, beyond mind and form, and connects us with the true essence of our being."  ~Maya Deva Adjani

Below are my fees for private breathwork sessions, which take place in person and last two hours:

Fee if you come to me in Cotati, CA: $250
Fee if I come to you within 15 miles of Cotati, CA: $275
Fee if I come to you 15 - 30 miles from Cotati, CA: $300

It is ideal to commit to a minimum of 10 sessions of breathwork over time in order to reap the full benefits of this powerful practice.  I therefore offer a 10% discount on the remaining 9 sessions should you feel inspired to make this commitment after your first session.  Payment in full for the remaining sessions (less the 10% discount) will then be expected at the second session.

 By learning to breathe consciously and fully, we can experience a heightened awareness of ourselves and the patterns in our lives, and we are able to more easily discover the old imprints and limiting beliefs held in our subconscious mind. This expanded level of consciousness stimulates our natural ability to transform these old thoughts and patterns and return to a deeper sense of calm and wholeness.

If you would like to experience breathwork either in your home or in my healing space, please click the button below to get in touch with me.   

Blessings to Breathe Freely!
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